LCBC Church Sermons

LCBC exists to introduce people to Jesus and help them fully follow Him. One church in multiple locations throughout PA.

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    In Jesus' Name

    When do you pray—is it when you want something, when you're lost, or just in emergencies? We have the amazing opportunity to be able to talk to God in every situation, and when we remember the access we have to him through Jesus, it makes all the difference.

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    Is There Anyone Out There?

    Thinking about talking to God can feel intimidating. But the truth is, we have direct access to a God who loves us no matter what—all we have to do is reach out.

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    Living Today Like Tomorrow Matters

    Even though we can't predict the future, we can prepare for it. And part of preparing means taking the practical steps so that we're ready when the unexpected happens. Winter is coming—are you ready for it?

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    Own The Mess

    We can stumble into the mess of our financial situation, but we can't stumble out of it. When we're intentional about our plan to manage our money wisely, we can start going after the life God wants for us.

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    Cut Back, Clear Out, Pay Off

    We all want to live a life that is full. But what if we're keeping ourselves from experiencing that life in the way we handle our finances? When we look at money God's way, we can start to understand how to have a life that is abundant—even beyond our finances.

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    Pause and Re-Focus

    It's so easy to lose focus in our lives to shame, anxiety, anger, achievement, or anything else that may distract us. But we know that where we're focused is where we'll go in life, and when we focus on Jesus, we're focused on the truth about who we are. Where have you been focused this year?

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    Christmas At LCBC 2018

    We love doing life together at LCBC—and Christmas is no exception. Join us for a warm celebration and a welcoming place to belong this Christmas!

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    What Your Love Looks Like

    What does your love look like? It can be hard to remember to love this time of year—especially when you're navigating extended family, the stress of the holiday season, and starting a new year. But how we love is the most important part. What will your love look like this year?

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    Experiencing Financial Peace

    Talking about money can be stressful. But knowing where to start finding financial peace can help. No matter where you are when it comes to finances, there is hope. Are you ready to go after financial peace?

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