LCBC Church Sermons

LCBC exists to introduce people to Jesus and help them fully follow Him. One church in multiple locations throughout PA.

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    The Business of Rescue - Baptism Weekend

    The story behind Baptism looks a lot like a story of rescue. Celebrate with us as we hear the stories of what God is doing in the lives and hearts of the people in our communities on Baptism Weekend at LCBC.

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    Name Your Shame - God Knows Your Story & He's Not Mad

    When we're stuck in our shame, we begin believing the story we tell about ourselves, even if it's not the truth. But Jesus has the antidote to shame—his grace. And when we share our shame, we learn to live un-stuck.

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    A New Identity - God Knows Your Story & He's Not Mad

    Shame can make us believe the lie that what we're labeled as defines who we are. But the truth about who we are rests in what God says about us. Are you ready to get a new label?

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    The Shame Cycle - God Knows Your Story & He's Not Mad

    We've all experienced shame in our lives. But the reality is that God isn't the one keeping us in the shame cycle—we are. And when we fully realize that he isn't mad at us, we can accept that he's madly in love with us.

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    The Most Challenging Prayer You'll Ever Pray - Closer

    For some of us, prayer feels transactional—we ask when we want something, and when we don't get it, we think there must be something wrong with God or something wrong with us. But what if there was a change in perspective that could actually bring us closer to God, and give us the opportunity to let him change our character, not just our circumstances?

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    Approaching God in 46 Words - Closer

    When we approach God, we don't have to have it all together—or scripted out. Jesus gives us all we need to communicate with God in 46 words. What can happen if we decide to invite the most powerful force in the universe into everything that we do?

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    Who We Are vs. Who We Want to Be - Closer

    Have you ever realized that who you want to be is far off from who you are? The moments of temptation in our lives can leave us the most vulnerable to pulling away from God. But in reality, those are the moments he's the closest to us. Are you listening close enough to hear him?

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    In Jesus' Name - Closer

    When do you pray—is it when you want something, when you're lost, or just in emergencies? We have the amazing opportunity to be able to talk to God in every situation, and when we remember the access we have to him through Jesus, it makes all the difference.

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    Is There Anyone Out There? - Closer

    Thinking about talking to God can feel intimidating. But the truth is, we have direct access to a God who loves us no matter what—all we have to do is reach out.

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