LCBC Church Sermons

LCBC exists to introduce people to Jesus and help them fully follow Him. One church in multiple locations throughout PA.

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    Evaluate Your Circles - Own It

    If we want to keep our life moving in the right direction, we have to be intentional about who we invite into our circles. When is the last time you evaluated the relationships in your life?

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    Transfer Your Trust - Baptism Weekend

    There's a difference between being religious and being a life changed by Christ—and it comes from being born again. We celebrated 151 people who went public with their decision to put their trust in Jesus this weekend!

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    Choosing Forgiveness - Get Off My Lawn

    When Jesus told us to love others, he meant everyone - even those who have hurt us. How can we release others of their debts and choose to forgive them?

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    Neighboring vs. Fishing - Get Off My Lawn

    When we're distracted by our own lives and our own wants, we can miss why God placed us where he did in our own neighborhood. How can we really start loving others with no strings attached?

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    Love God. Love People. - Get Off My Lawn

    Jesus tells us to love others. But there's a difference between knowing we should love people and actually loving them—and the difference might start right in our own homes.

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    Be Interruptible - Get Off My Lawn

    It can be hard to find the time to even speak to our neighbors, much less love them. But when we learn to slow down and allow ourselves to be interrupted, we create an opportunity to be a good neighbor just by being home.

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    Who Is My Neighbor? - Get Off My Lawn

    When we hear the command to love God and love people, it sounds easy. Love those who love us, who are easy to love, who deserve our love. But what if the call to love our neighbor wasn't just a nice idea...but a way of life?

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    Learning From the Low Points - When Purpose Hides

    In our lowest moments, it can be hard to see God's providence. But when we choose to trust God's heart even when we can't see his hand, we give ourselves the opportunity to come out of those moments better than we were before. Are you willing to learn from the lows?

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    Purpose and Hope - When Purpose Hides

    It’s hard to believe God has a plan when our lives are spiraling out of control or we’ve hit rock bottom. But what if he uses our circumstances to fuel a sense of purpose and passion for us in the future? Furthermore, what if God has placed us in a unique position to spark purpose and hope in someone else’s life, to change the trajectory of their future?

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    In the Meantime - When Purpose Hides

    When we're in the space between what we hope God will do and what he actually does, it can be easy to fall into fear and anxiety. But our God has a plan–and the meantime is when we can lean on what we know is true about his plan for us.

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